This blog is to all plant enthusiasts, articulating about my experience on how to grow a plant with the thin stem of that plant, no requirement for thick branch stick. I wish to share with you some of the things that have surprised me since I started growing plants.

I asked a person who knew the nithya Kalyani plant on the street. There’s no sapling. The color of the flower does not make me want to leave the plant. Let’s try, I said, snatching the tip of our palms in length. I planted and grown in the shade.

surprise! The plant has grown and I have tried another time, and now it is growing in large quantities and giving flowers.

2. I started from that. Next, a man in our town came to the house with hibiscus as well as the tip I planted. A small stick that can easily run in our hands. Thin sizeā€¦ That too has grown great. Layer hibiscus orange color.

3. I put the same effort into a cover, running the tip of the paper flower plant to my sister, and it grew. I felt that a small stick with a thin finger was enough to grow.

4. Then I brought the same effort to my brother’s house in chili hibiscus. That too has grown great. Now I have kept the rose like that.

5.I took rose sticks in rainwater logged check and in ten days it was inflamed. I waited for it to take root, then kept it in the shade for a few days, and then planted it outside.

6. My sister has all the plants in the house like jasmine, mulai, and jati. She will not give up water, she will keep the plant without hurting her. Only 15 days before the special occasion, she would have plenty of water, and until then the plant would be a stick and a stick. There will be no large number of leaves. There will be the only life. In fifteen days, all the leaves will come and bloom with arrows. Three people will pluck for an hour together and more than two steps will be available daily.

7. When seedlings such as petunia are planted, the growth capacity is reduced by shifting from the place where they are planted after germination. If you leave it as it is, it will bloom into a cane. The plants placed in the thermocol box yielded large quantities of flowers. You need long patience to grow seeds purchased online. Some seeds do not grow. But that’s where the seeds of different flowers are available. So when the seeds are laid, put fewer seeds in a tank without putting too many seeds.

8. There are many coconut trees in our house. No drop of scabs will go out of our house if any of the scabs fall in the house. Broken plastic items Only items and plastic paper that it cannot use will go out of the house. We will collect all the garbage and throw it into a pit. We burn all the sticks, we get ash, we put the kitchen waste of the house in the soil. My mother-in-law would leave for two months and snatch the coconut tree around and drop the garbage, ash, etc. We will put the same on plants.

10. I will prune the plants in the coming days of rain. Then I will not waste the small sticks available. I’ll plant them all around. Anyway, you’ll get at least two calves from it.

11. We will not leave any leaves available. Moringa, neem, other leaves, etc., are available and we soak them all. Or let’s powder it. Or we will directly pluck it into the soil and use it as fertilizer.

12.I will use any utensils, cans, goods, and bottles that are wasted in the house for plants. To grow. To germinate the seeds. To let the flags flutter. In some places, you can’t put a pandal on it. Now I have used the broken swing to grow my vine.

13. I have also made the old stand used to put up the clothes of the house a pandal for the flag and show them a picture of flowers blossoming.

14. If any plastic items or any items break down in the house, I will not be happy. My imagination will flutter. I will put a hole in it and carry it out. That’s how I started my terrace garden.

15.Not a drop of rainwater will be wasted in our house.. We’ve got pipes in place, everything goes to our soil, and there’s a gap in the stone we’re laying on the ground. Rainwater goes into the soil and hence the groundwater level rises. Water is available in any drought.

16. My water management has started since birth, and even when my father was washing his hands, he would ask me to wash them on the plant. If we and our little children are taught water management from birth, we will get interested in plant farming.

Happy gardening ..spread the good vibes and best thoughts to youngsters, this could help them to be in a wide view thinking way.

How to prepare Perfect soil mix for plant, veggies ?

We can make it in below given ratio

1) soil

2) sand

3) red soil

4) coco peat

5) earthworm manure

6) perlite

7) vermiculite Any of the above three can be mixed in a ratio of 1: 1 :1. )

a)Soil + sand + perlite


d) soil + sand + vermiculite
e) cocoa pit + earthworm manure + perlite (1: 2: 1)
f) cocoa pit + earthworm manure + vermiculite (1: 2: 1) g) earthworm manure + perlite (1 :1)
h) earthworm manure + vermiculite (1: 1)
i) cocoa pit + perlite (1: 1) Coco peat+ Vermiculite (1: 1)
k) Cocoa Bit + Earthworm Fertilizer (1: 1)

You can use any of the above mixtures for terrace gardening. Soil mixtures a, b, c, d can be used to cultivate fruit trees, flowering varieties such as red poppy, jasmine, pandal vegetables etc.

GardenScapes is producing this mixture in a better way to make suitable for any environment and humidity. This potting mix is vital to make the plant grow tender .Even this ratio will make seed germination in a capable way as well .