About Us

Garden scapes is a company, since 2000 professionalised in making a garden or ares of land more attractive by adding trees ,indoor & outdoor plants, adding fountains as special features.

What service we do for your gardening ?

1. Soil loosening
2.Lawn installation
3.Vertical gardening,green flooring
4. Plant trimming &pruning
5.Kitchen /vegetable garden
6.We use organic pest control
7. We use organic fertiliser

What service we do for your landscaping?

1.We install drip irrigation
2. The drip irrigation halo to water the garden area by using drip, spray or stream techniques, this helps root moist , but not soaked.
3.Mainly we use drip irrigation Mathis to use less amount of water than other irrigation techniques.

We do lawn bed installation and also maintenance.

In shot this company provides affordable garden design in your city . Expert in grass,vertical gardening , irrigation system , corporate premises gardening, specialised in indoor and outdoor plant choosing according to environmental wise .

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