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20 kg potting soil mix 10 kg vermi compost tool kid


The perfect soil mix depends on the type of plants you’re growing. For instance, large houseplants need mineral soil or sand to keep them from toppling over, while other plants , such as many container plants , prefer soil mixtures, sometimes without regular soil. However, mixing common soil ingredients allows you to create an all-purpose soil that benefits the entire garden, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Get Potting mix Online in and around Coimbatore and Chennai

1.Soil-less potting mixtures are generally lighter than the average garden soil.

2.Improves  the health and vigor of your plant

3. soil-less mixtures are sterile and do not harbor the same pests or diseases that you would experience in a soil-based mixture.

Vermi compost:

Vermicompost and manure are both known to be efficient natural fertilizers. Both are rich in nutrients, but they’re very different in the way that they become that way. … But, both forms of organic fertilizer might not be created equal.

The Trowel Handle Made of Plastic.

  • Made of excellent quality metal.
  • Specially designed handles to enable comfort, increase grip and reduce slip.
  • Powder coated to keep rust away.
  • Reinforced joints to ensure unmatched strength

The garden fork, is one of the   gardening implement, with a handle and several (usually four) short, sturdy tines. It is used for loosening, lifting and turning over soil in gardening and farming.



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