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Gift Devine tulsi Plant

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Tips for Growing Money Plant in Pots:
Tulsi is an  annual outdoors, or as a perennial houseplant.
  1. Hardiness – Tulsi is hardy to zone 10, and cannot handle any frost.
  2. Sunlight – In ideal conditions, tulsi requires at least 6 hours of sunlight per day.
  3. Soil – Most balanced potting mixes are appropriate for growing indoor

Gift this plant for any beautiful occasion to be unique and live. This plant to be kept in indoor .

Note: This Plant will be presented in a beautiful manner ,Where it is placed in a Pot and rapped with Gift wrapper in a Admirable way .The plant will be fresh and continue to be fresh ,if you handle as per our tips as above said.

2 reviews for Gift Devine tulsi Plant

  1. Seema Kasat

    Nice tips

  2. Seema Kasat

    Nice plant

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