We can make it in below given ratio

1) soil

2) sand

3) red soil

4) coco peat

5) earthworm manure

6) perlite

7) vermiculite Any of the above three can be mixed in a ratio of 1: 1 :1. )

a)Soil + sand + perlite


d) soil + sand + vermiculite
e) cocoa pit + earthworm manure + perlite (1: 2: 1)
f) cocoa pit + earthworm manure + vermiculite (1: 2: 1) g) earthworm manure + perlite (1 :1)
h) earthworm manure + vermiculite (1: 1)
i) cocoa pit + perlite (1: 1) Coco peat+ Vermiculite (1: 1)
k) Cocoa Bit + Earthworm Fertilizer (1: 1)

You can use any of the above mixtures for terrace gardening. Soil mixtures a, b, c, d can be used to cultivate fruit trees, flowering varieties such as red poppy, jasmine, pandal vegetables etc.

GardenScapes is producing this mixture in a better way to make suitable for any environment and humidity. This potting mix is vital to make the plant grow tender .Even this ratio will make seed germination in a capable way as well .

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